Friday, May 7, 2010


friends that with me in joy n laugh,
u made my life full with colors,
we do things that sometimes unthinkable,
but the moment will be cherish,

friends with me i sorrow and sad,
u r there when i need u,
giving help n support,
there were times words cant explain,
silence is okay if u r with someone,

to the hot weather that burn me,
made me like living in a big microwave,
i'll be missing all the sweat i lost,
till we meet again in the near future,

all the good things in Shah Alam,
i'll be missing all of you in my heart,
hope that the days will goes quickly,
so we will be seeing each other,
and to open the new chapter of our life,
in Shah Alam again....
maybe not so fast.....................;P

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