Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(kecek kok klate la pulok)
male tu, tidok male jugok, pagi doh dale puko 3 kawe online la smeta buko fesbuk, tgok gapo notifications hok ado....reply2 meta, saing kawe chat la nge kawe tanyo bilo nok gi ngaji plok...bual3, dio pon crito la kawe, smale dio mimpi pasal kawe. ai, mimpi gapo tu, sedak mano bunyi....kalu org perempuan mimpi kito takpo la....hehehe...

dio oyak dio mimpi gini, kawe bawok jip ( aloh meta kawe duk wak lesen, kuat dio mimpi kawe bwok jip na, kawe blajar pom naik kancil jah, INCEPTION ko guano? hahaha)

duk bawok jip tu sampai naik atah rumoh kuat sunnguh naik jip sap ko atah bwok jip wak naik bukit, kawe wat naik atah rumoh, rumoh dio la tu bokali. sampai atah rumoh tu, kawe lempar kasut croc alah dio. (ai, memey kawe minat pkai kasut croc pon, buke gapo, musim uje ni key, molek paka croc.hehehe)

dio oyak kawe lempar kasut croc sebab kawe xsir pakai, nok bwok jip, xsedap pkai kasut croc. ( eh, yolo sungguh doh la INCEPTION ni, aritu maso kawe blaja keto, xsedap pkai croc, payoh nok belen klah....adui saya)

kawe suko selok denga dio crito tu....tidok denga jugok la baco hok dio tulih di chat fb tu key ...hehe, jagne maroh..sloro sklai skalo..dio oyak kawe ni pah ko dale mimpi pon duk tolol lagi....hahaha...lucu sungguh....ko demo raso guano???

such a tiring holiday

well, this is the time when i have the moods to write on this blog, actually i been wanting to write something since now even at home i got this thing called "broadband" and it enables me to be online. but, it gonna take some patience coz this thing is like a women's emotional state when they have their "RED FLAG" (referring to my sister, no offence) sometimes, it could be just as smooth as hot knife through butter but it can be annoying to. so, I've choosen to bare with it.

enough said, i really want to share my experience of making new licence starting from zero as my previous licence apparently it was only L licence was out of date and i had to start from scratch. This tiring things began when i came back home for my semester break and i have made out my mind that i am going to relax after hustling al the way during the 6th semester...yeah, it's like you r doing a never ending tons of assignment. on one fine day, when i was watching my favourite tv series on FOX, Bones. my aunt ask me how long will i be at home for the holiday and i said to her about 2 months. then, she quickly ask me whether i am going to make my new licence or not because of the period of my holiday is quite long. well, because of financial problem and at that time i did not have money to make a new licence, she agreed to give me a loan. well, licence is kinda expensive these days and it could be more expensive next year. so, she urged me to make a new licence.

first, i went to Litar Memandu Machang (LMM) which is about 15-20 km form my house and went for registration. WTF!!??? the registration only has cost me 160rm! damn, i only bring 150 and i am 10 buck short. thank god my uncle was there and he lend me rm10. thank tou ayah chik. :) the next friday, i went to LMM again to attend the CERAMAH KPP which is about a whole day. it was friday and we have to stop at noon for friday prayer. at first i thought that the mosque is not far from LMM. immagine that i had to walk about 2-3 km to go to the nearest mosque..even though it is tiring and sweatful, i am really not regreting it at all because i am walking to the mosque for friday prayer, bila lagi nak buat camni? it is far from once in a lifetime. haha

next is the Ujian undang2. I went to LMM with a taxi and this is my mistake and i will tell it later. RM 10 for the computerized test. i was the first 6 people who sit for the test and i;m lucky because when i am done around 24 minutes later the que was very long and the number of the turn reached to 50. thank god. this is the troubling part. because of no transport and i have to go there by taxi, i had to walk around 4--5km to reach the nearest bus station because all the taxi would not stop for me. and this tiring routine makes me fed up and i finally choose to 'kidnap' a moto that my grandfather usually used. hehe sorry la TOK, letik jakan kaki gi stesen bas tu, pinjam moto eh......hahaha

to be continued.....