Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(kecek kok klate la pulok)
male tu, tidok male jugok, pagi doh dale puko 3 kawe online la smeta buko fesbuk, tgok gapo notifications hok ado....reply2 meta, saing kawe chat la nge kawe tanyo bilo nok gi ngaji plok...bual3, dio pon crito la kawe, smale dio mimpi pasal kawe. ai, mimpi gapo tu, sedak mano bunyi....kalu org perempuan mimpi kito takpo la....hehehe...

dio oyak dio mimpi gini, kawe bawok jip ( aloh meta kawe duk wak lesen, kuat dio mimpi kawe bwok jip na, kawe blajar pom naik kancil jah, INCEPTION ko guano? hahaha)

duk bawok jip tu sampai naik atah rumoh kuat sunnguh naik jip sap ko atah bwok jip wak naik bukit, kawe wat naik atah rumoh, rumoh dio la tu bokali. sampai atah rumoh tu, kawe lempar kasut croc alah dio. (ai, memey kawe minat pkai kasut croc pon, buke gapo, musim uje ni key, molek paka croc.hehehe)

dio oyak kawe lempar kasut croc sebab kawe xsir pakai, nok bwok jip, xsedap pkai kasut croc. ( eh, yolo sungguh doh la INCEPTION ni, aritu maso kawe blaja keto, xsedap pkai croc, payoh nok belen klah....adui saya)

kawe suko selok denga dio crito tu....tidok denga jugok la baco hok dio tulih di chat fb tu key ...hehe, jagne maroh..sloro sklai skalo..dio oyak kawe ni pah ko dale mimpi pon duk tolol lagi....hahaha...lucu sungguh....ko demo raso guano???

such a tiring holiday

well, this is the time when i have the moods to write on this blog, actually i been wanting to write something since now even at home i got this thing called "broadband" and it enables me to be online. but, it gonna take some patience coz this thing is like a women's emotional state when they have their "RED FLAG" (referring to my sister, no offence) sometimes, it could be just as smooth as hot knife through butter but it can be annoying to. so, I've choosen to bare with it.

enough said, i really want to share my experience of making new licence starting from zero as my previous licence apparently it was only L licence was out of date and i had to start from scratch. This tiring things began when i came back home for my semester break and i have made out my mind that i am going to relax after hustling al the way during the 6th semester...yeah, it's like you r doing a never ending tons of assignment. on one fine day, when i was watching my favourite tv series on FOX, Bones. my aunt ask me how long will i be at home for the holiday and i said to her about 2 months. then, she quickly ask me whether i am going to make my new licence or not because of the period of my holiday is quite long. well, because of financial problem and at that time i did not have money to make a new licence, she agreed to give me a loan. well, licence is kinda expensive these days and it could be more expensive next year. so, she urged me to make a new licence.

first, i went to Litar Memandu Machang (LMM) which is about 15-20 km form my house and went for registration. WTF!!??? the registration only has cost me 160rm! damn, i only bring 150 and i am 10 buck short. thank god my uncle was there and he lend me rm10. thank tou ayah chik. :) the next friday, i went to LMM again to attend the CERAMAH KPP which is about a whole day. it was friday and we have to stop at noon for friday prayer. at first i thought that the mosque is not far from LMM. immagine that i had to walk about 2-3 km to go to the nearest mosque..even though it is tiring and sweatful, i am really not regreting it at all because i am walking to the mosque for friday prayer, bila lagi nak buat camni? it is far from once in a lifetime. haha

next is the Ujian undang2. I went to LMM with a taxi and this is my mistake and i will tell it later. RM 10 for the computerized test. i was the first 6 people who sit for the test and i;m lucky because when i am done around 24 minutes later the que was very long and the number of the turn reached to 50. thank god. this is the troubling part. because of no transport and i have to go there by taxi, i had to walk around 4--5km to reach the nearest bus station because all the taxi would not stop for me. and this tiring routine makes me fed up and i finally choose to 'kidnap' a moto that my grandfather usually used. hehe sorry la TOK, letik jakan kaki gi stesen bas tu, pinjam moto eh......hahaha

to be continued.....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


After finishing my only final exam yesterday....i did not feel anything....neither happy because it is the only exam i have to sit this semester nor sad because i still have 4 remaining writups to be submitted! damn.....what i felt that is the exam is just like all the assignment or tests.....after i'm done with it....that's all...

Sleeping is what i do now when there is daylight in the sky (i don't know if the sky is blue because i am sleeping....yeah, i could i know) haha...and became a nocturnal person.....i should be friends to bats or MUSANG....

as doing the remaining four assignment made me feel so lazy and heavy-hearted to do them, FUTSAL is the only getaway for me now....but...after that my body forced me to sleep because i am soo fatigue....there goes a day....woke up in the evening and surf internet and watching tv......that's so lame......

urghh....i guess writing all this stuff would cheers someone up, sorry for not updating in such a long time...being in a serious relationship with Ms A. does took away all my commitment though.....and who is Miss A is? Miss Assignment OF COURSE!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miraculously Exuberant...

Today i had a nostalgic breakfast ever....sitting at Al-Rafi early in the morning enjoying Bihun Paru gerai Pak Su! All the feeling watching all the people who are going to start their day....enjoying the morning rush....

3.00pm....damm....i woke up in shock realizing that i had to pay for the bills today... enthusiastically graping my towel, i went to the toilet, taking a quick shower...i wake pene up and we went to TM point.....when we enters the building, there are many people there....ahh.....those students, signing up for their i am standing and waiting for my turn to pay the bills, i saw a boy, with bare foot. i wonder who his parents are? the boy seems to be so hyperactive!.....running here and there, bare footed....

suddenly, the came to me and he hug my leg, seeming like i'm his dad or some kind of brother....then the boy went to pene and make the same thing....and to the other person, he is really sharing....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st day 4 this semester......monday...

As yet i am not asleep for the whole night even i have the whole busy day ahead of me....what the heck...the class did not even started yet but i have so much things to do...but i feel great about it after almost suffering for the whole 2 months.....:P

here's the plan for today(monday)

1. Clean the entire house as when i am away for almost two months, there are creatures that are conquering my only space of privacy....damn those termites and rats.....

2. Sttle all the bills (electric, internet, and most important of them all is the ASTRO BILL.....well, i don't want to be 'outnumbered' at any mamak stalls just for watching world cup's NEtherlands! i bet they can go through the final.....they just sent home the not-so-mighty-so-called Brazil...hahaha....serve them right, those arrogant offence everyone...:P

3. Instead of going to class, i feel like going to shopping for a new pair of FUTSAL's about time i bought a new one....the old one seems to be kinda old since i have it since's about mood switching you know....:P and i also have to find a new cloth cupboard since the one that i have already being "eaten alive!!" (Pene,2010)

4. setting a futsal game in welcoming the just-get-well team mate, cipet....."dah gian nak pekena futsal, ak dah leh main futsal dah gong"(Cipet,2010). Hope that every team member could make it happen even though it seems a little impossible...well, "imposible is nothing"(Adidas) LOL....

well....let's not being down for it......someone from the muvie "HOT TUB TIME MACHINE" told me that "Life would always put you down, it is you who made the decision to stay down or get back up" i think i need to get back up whenever the world put me down....but not always i guess...hahaha

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A trip to lata belantan....hahaha woh nangka

this is the only place that i went during the holiday....looking forward for some more next time! bulih nyakit sajo.....nate gelongsor meroh sial! ahhahaha

this is the link of the pictures...!/album.php?aid=2062901&id=1506589227

Tagged? thanks, really appreciated (bored)

1] Adakah anda happy sekarang?

happy? boleh kate happy la...walaupon holiday dah nak abes....rase gembira plus cemas pon ade nak kene sambung sem balik....ntahla...maybe this holiday is not what i expected....i worked during almost all of my holiday this time....aprt from that...ak skang ni ngah sakit bontot....hahaha....nak tau cite? nanti ak post lam blog...senang cite...i'm happy~ :p

2] Apakah benda yang boleh membuat anda happy?

My family....friends and most of all.....ari2 orang ajak ak main futsal....diorang ni btol gila bola la...kene tag pon makes me happy enough...:P

3] Pernahkan anda menerima tag?

kalo lam fb...almost everytime....kalo tag camnie, this is my first....sedih....:P

4] Nyatakan warna yang anda suka.

RED! kate the red warrior....ceh....MAN UTD!

5] Berikan 9 orang yang anda mahu tag. Sila beritahu kepada orang yang anda mahu tag supaya dapat respond.

pene, valen, isferra, nate rivers, n all people that i follow their blog....hahahahaha

6] Nyatakan sesuatu tentang orang yang anda tag. Nak tulis panjang berjela pun takpe, asalkan anda happy.

everyone: saje je nak tag....hahahaha

7] Ni soalan cepu emas nih. Adakah anda happy dengan apa yang anda ada?

yes, i'm grateful enough with all that i've got....:P

keeping up....

Hello's been a while i update my blog....that's because i've been working part-time at a local minimart....btw that's not the reason why i'm being so 'kera sumbang' all this hols....apart from working....actually i'm fed up to online because there's no internet facilities at my home....even though my aunt uses tmnet dial up that make me wait since like forever to load fB....leceh gila....tua ak tunggu nak kuar fb home....hahaha...btw...i don't know why i feel anxious plus happy to be at shah alam again...even with the burden of work awaits me....well. let's time decide then...

Friday, May 7, 2010


Honey, It's been a long time coming
And I can't stop now
Such a long time running
And I can't stop now
Do you hear my heart beating
Can you hear that sound
Cause I can't help thinking
And I don't look down

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
Oh the way that gravity turns for you and me
And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun
And the way that gravity pulls on everyone, on everyone

Baby, It's been a long time waiting
Such a long, long time
And I can't stop smiling
No I can't stop now
And do you hear my heart beating
And can you hear that sound
Cause I can't help crying
And I won't look down

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see
Oh the way that gravity turns on you and me
And then I looked up at the sun and saw the sky
And the way that gravity pulls on you and I, on you and I

Can you hear my heart beating
Can you hear that sound
Cause I can't help crying
And I wont look down


friends that with me in joy n laugh,
u made my life full with colors,
we do things that sometimes unthinkable,
but the moment will be cherish,

friends with me i sorrow and sad,
u r there when i need u,
giving help n support,
there were times words cant explain,
silence is okay if u r with someone,

to the hot weather that burn me,
made me like living in a big microwave,
i'll be missing all the sweat i lost,
till we meet again in the near future,

all the good things in Shah Alam,
i'll be missing all of you in my heart,
hope that the days will goes quickly,
so we will be seeing each other,
and to open the new chapter of our life,
in Shah Alam again....
maybe not so fast.....................;P

Monday, May 3, 2010

Damn you!

one calm night i was sleeping,
i am feeling having a nicest dream,
but suddenly i feel pain in my hand,
that woke me up from my deep sleep,
i opened my eyes to see what's been,
the pain in my hand that woke me up,
even messages and phone calls would not do,
searching under my pillow i found,
a black little figure running quickly,
he know that he's caught red-handed,
damn you, you f**king cockroach,
my hand is not leftover or something,
you make me feel like oggy,
now i'm going to kill you on sight!

death to all the cockroaches!

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Advantures Of DOREMI: The Curse Of Buluh Runcing

The Adventures of DO RE MI: The Curse of Buluh Runcing

In the year of 2010, there is a magical land far away in a remote area. In Pasir Berdengung Village, there lived the King Richard with his beloved daughter, Princess Fiona. They are the royal descendants of England. One unfortunate day, Count Dracula who just ran away from Van Helsing arrives in Pasir Berdengung Village and met with Raja Bersiung. Both Count Dracula and Raja Bersiung have just waked up in their deep sleep and they are thirst for blood. Count Dracula decided to team up with Raja Bersiung because he did not know the land so well and Pasir Berdengung Village is the hometown of Raja Bersiung. Only Raja Bersiung knows best the places to feed and to hide from the villagers.

Pasir Berdengung Village is also the hometown of DO, RE and MI, three friends who could enjoys a little adventure and have been looking for adventures since they were in early teenagers. One, peaceful day, while walking at the village market, DO, RE and MI heard a bad news. The messenger of the King of Pasir Berdengung Village announced that Princess Fiona have been kidnapped by Count Dracula and Raja Bersiung. They also left a note saying that if the king wanted to get her princess back, he must provided seventy pine of the villagers’ blood. The blood collected then must be tested by the hospital to avoid diseases. If the king cannot obey the rules that Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula stated, they will drink the princess’ blood dried.

The king then offered that if there anyone in the village could save the princess, he will be married to the princess and being the king of Pasir Berdengung Village. Upon hearing the reward, DO, RE and MI stepped forward and offers themselves to rescue the princess. The king granted their braveness and before going, DO, RE and MI went to see their Tok Guru for some help. Tok Guru gave DO a flying carpet that can fly anywhere he wants by only saying “ZAM ZAM ALAKAZAM”. Re received a magical binocular that can see where he wanted, but he has to mention the person’s name. MI also has been given a gift, a magical harmonica that could give him whatever he wants by playing it.

Before going, RE uses his magical binocular to see where Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula have been hiding Princess Fiona. Princess Fiona has been kept as hostage in the Siung Castle, on Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain. On their way to rescue the princess, DO, RE and MI met with a talking creature, Sang Kancil. Sang Kancil is very clever and it is a magical creature. DO, RE and MI then asked Sang Kancil to show them the way to the Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain. On their way to the Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain, they have to cross a big river that is guarded by Sang Buaya, a mystical beast that eats everything that swims in the river.

Sang Kancil tried to trick Sang Buaya by telling the beast that King Sulaiman, the king of all animal wanted Sang Kancil to measure the length of the river. Sang Buaya agreed to help Sang Kancil. By doing this Sang Kancil believe he could distract Sang Buaya so that DO, RE and MI can swim past the river. However, Sang Buaya is more intelligent than Sang Kancil and he figured out that Sang Kancil try to trick him. Sang Buaya eats Sang Kancil and DO, RE and MI cannot swim past the river because they will be eaten alive by Sang Buaya. DO remember he got the flying carpet. They used the flying carpet to fly across the river and finally arrive at the Siung Castle on the Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain.

Entering the Siung Castle, DO, RE and MI fight with Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula. Trapped in a cage, Princess Fiona tells DO, RE and MI that both weakness of Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula is Buluh Runcing, a sharp magical bamboo that is used effectively in killing vampires and banshee. MI quickly yelled “One Buluh Runcing Please!” then he plays his magical harmonica. Suddenly, a pair of Buluh Runcing appeared on MI’s hand. MI then throws both the Buluh Runcing and killed Count Dracula. Raja Bersiung manage to dodge the Buluh Runcing and when MI trying to summons another pair of Buluh Runcing, Raja Bersiung quickly kneel to DO, RE and MI. He asks for their forgiveness for all his wrongdoing. Raja Bersiung released Princess Fiona and DO, RE and MI captured Raja Bersiung.

Returning to Pasir Berdengung Village with the princess and captured Raja Bersiung, the king held a feast to celebrate DO, RE and MI’s victory. The villagers all celebrated the victory of DO, RE and MI and because of the victory, the next day will be a public holiday. The king then tells the person that will be crown as the new king and marries the princess will be announced the next day. After the celebration ends, all villagers and DO, RE and MI went to sleep because they are so tired. In the next morning, all people are found dead including DO, RE and MI. Their death is cause by loosing lots of blood and they are like being feed by the vampires. It is the princess who drinks all the blood. She just turned into a vampire or banshee that is very thirsty when they first transform into one. It’s all the trick that have been played by Raja Bersiung.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


suddenly, i'm awake from my restful sleep...yea3...the story start when i am going to accompany Pene going back home....Pene asked valen to send him a la gare de shah alam because it was raining uncertainly....hahaha kejap ujan, kejap brenti....macam tu la gamaknya....then i also follow them because i wanted to play badminton. valen too...

at the bus stop....we kept waiting anxiously because it's already 8.30pm and the bus that should be leaving to kelantan at 8.30pm did not arrive yet a la gare de shah alam. then, i asked pene for his ticket.....hummmp! no wonder the bus did not arrive yet, the 'waktu perjalanan' is not 8.30pm....but 9.00PM! hahaha.....kalut je lebih....then the bus arrive at 9.15pm.....well, what do you expect from the bus services.....there's time when the bus is on time and theres the time when the bus is not on time at all......uncertainty is the major problem....no2..... inefficiency...haha

yes, now i thought i can play badminton are so damn sure huh? when valen had to go fetch sheldon at his house, we r stuck on the road towards sheldon house, the road between the bus station and wira klasik(not sure what's the name of that kedai makan).......after a few days, no3....a few minutes....then a man came out from the car.....he told every one to reverse their car....demm....c'monn valen you can do it!.....this s the time when i feel like going out of the car and scratched all the car that park on the both side of the road...

with some determination of the driver and help from Mr Wira(he help to guide the reversing of the car by watching over his beloved Wira....takut calar r tu...hahah) we mange to pull out from the jam....huhh....then, when we arrive at sheldon's....he was already waiting at the burger stall which happened to be closed because of the pasar malam nearby....bru nak order burger nanti balik t....wu...cancel....

at the badminton court....we have already 30+ more minutes before the court closed...."let's make most of it"(valen,2010) :P sheldon and valen vs me and pok mey....fuhhh.....xterlayan si sheldon main macam wong choon han...power siot! terdiam ak xleh amik bola dier......i played several sets before losing to the stamina.......:P

at home.....i went to a quick bath and plays songs.....xsampai 2 eyes closing already....then i awake by Pegu...he rammed the door~ terkejut ak....ingat ade org pecah rumah tadi.....haishh.....pegu came in and look at me lying under the fan...."ko dah mandi dah?" (pegu,2010). i just can reply him with a smile.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

huuhh! i'm awake again! damn~ very seems that it is raining outside and i felt that the cold has reached to my bones.....damn~ luper pakai baju......yg tu kluar status "Coldness awaken me" :P :P :P

I need things to do...

After having futsal at frenzy the other legs just keep shaking.....demm....i need to do something that made me sweat....or go somewhere.....hurm......i tired of just sweating from sleeping until afternoon and then aren't able to do anything in the evening because of the rain....

xkan nak main ujan kot....ko xnampak kilat sambar-menyambar kat luar tu....i said to myself....

this morning pegu tell me tonite we are going to play badminton at faculty......thank god....ade gak something to do tonite.....pene's going home it's me, pegu n usop....everyone seems enjoying their little break.......well, it is almost 2 weeks....:(

i don't feel like going home.......because it will be hard for me to came back to shah alam....back to reality.....maybe i just reserve or kept the feeling of homesick until the 8th of may......then i will enjoys the hols....maybe if i did not have to do voluntary work at the 'kebun getah' with my sister....but she seems to enjoy it though....there are several occasion where very funny stuff can happen...

one day, my mom tell me my sister fell down because always look up....she did not realize a big wood laying on the ground....she tripped over the log....haha....fortunately she's ok.....the same goes with my mom.....there is one spot at the 'kebun getah' where my mom always fell down....:D
i did not mean to be sadistic but it's very funny....hahaha becoz she kept tripping the same log at the same spot over and over again........maybe not that's me that exagerating.....:P

P/s: enjoy your exam break everyone and gud luck for the upcoming exams....:D

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feeling old.....:(

yes......even i just turn out to be 20 something.....
i do feel old.... :(
when i came back from exercising or doing some hard work....
i have pain all over body....
maybe i just have push my self to the limit.....
maybe my body are showing it's feelings....
maybe i just overused my body when working part time job before....
i've done many hard job.....
store keeper(have to lift heavy things), palm oil farmng(i'm not literally farm the palm oil tree, just have to clean all the bamboo tree that can be cleaned by bulldozer....)

i remember my mom said to me...
"don't push yourself so hard....u r still young...."
i think this is the result of ignoring.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010


after going to 7 eleven at 5 am......i tot i would eat breakfast today......
nasi lemak paru or bihun paru would be nice.....
the i waited....................
until 7am........................
yes.....................let's "pecah pantas"

i moved my sparkling little mouse to the date on the taskbar......
demmmm!'s SUNDAY!
mak cik jual nasi lemak depan rumah xbukak on SUNDAY!

arghh! then i listen to Taking BacK SUNDAY-Make Damn Sure.....
yeah, lain kali......have to be alert...
not to be DAMN SURE!

"hollow days start from now"(Valen,2010)

For the first time today(saturday), i barely did nothing...nothing at all...yesterday i went to sleep after waking trying to woke up Pene at 9 am in the morning. Then, i went to sleep straight away because i did not sleep yet after coming back from that cold-but-fun-yet-lost Genting.

Here are today's tentative?

11.30am: woke by Pene who are rushing to Contemp Lit class that he suppose to go at 10 am. nothing interesting....sambung tido~

2.00 pm : woke up because i feel like i slept for a long a hungry stomach. What? i already eaten "Bihun Paru" with karipap hape? damn~

2.15pm : Pene come to me and ask me to follow him to lunch at Resdey's....but he also ask me to count his coins that he has been saving since CNY......ape2 jela....

2.30pm : RM86.06. that's the amount of coins in the Pene's BANK of BEAR. then went to toilet....take a bath

3.oopm : Went to nasi putih with Telor Masak Merah plus tomyam leftover....(we went late, not much choice of "lauk"

3.30pm: went home.....xkan nak lepak kedai kot.....rumah ade kan..lagipon....its looks like its going to laptop, browse internet....damn~ boring.......

4.15pm : its raining......bru ingat nak gi main futsal kat fac.....xpela.....bukak channel LP on youtube....tetibe feels like layan LP......outoplay concert Live in Texas.....very nostalgic....sing along songs like..."with you", "point of authority" and others...

8.12pm : woke up, damn! fell asleep again....i feel like a polar MU.....fuhh, thank god bru first half and still 0-0

10.00pm: yeah! MU memang power~ no offence......2 goals from giggs and a beautiful 1 from Nani! Mu wins 3-1...even without Rooney.....who says Mu is a one man team? :P

11.oopm : "Keroncong Untuk Ana" starts playing in my stomach...damn......Went to pene's room, xsempat nak ajak....he quickly said "Gi cari berger?" sambil mata kat laptop....kusyuk main Mafia wars....

12.00am onwards: surfing the Internet..................................................................................................

06.00am: writing this blog.................................................

yeah, "hollow days start from now"(Valen,2010).............................................................................

you are the only exception - paramore

yes...i like paramore very much.....their songs sometimes suit my feelings at times that i can't express it with words....whatever....this is the lyrics...

When I was younger
I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart
And I watched
As he tried to reassemble it

And my momma swore that
She would never let herself forget
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love
If it does not exist

But darling,
You, are, the only exception
You, are, the only exception
You, are, the only exception
You, are, the only exception

Maybe I know, somewhere
Deep in my soul
That love never lasts
And we've got to find other ways
To make it alone
Keep a straight face

And I've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable, distance
And up until now
I had sworn to myself that I'm
Content with loneliness

Because none of it was ever worth the risk

Well, You, are, the only exception
You, are, the only exception
You, are, the only exception
You, are, the only exception

I've got a tight grip on reality
But I can't
Let go of what's in front of me here
I know you're leaving
In the morning, when you wake up
Leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream


i feel like blogging again...

i have a feeling...
sometimes it came to me..
sometimes it just disappear....
i wonder why did it come and go....
in just a simple way.....

and now i feel to blog AGAIN~ hahaha