Friday, March 27, 2009

Lost And Not Found...

i take this chance to do some community work by displaying photo of latest missing child name Nanfa. This child was last seen by public at Shah Alam wondering for his adopted parents. He has been missing for about 2 weeks. The picture was lastly published in NST recently. This is the picture of the missing child.If you do found this missing child, please contact 017-9055583 to speak or tell his parent that the child is still alive. Your full sense of humanity is fully appreciated. Thank you for being a part of concern citizen.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Instead of insulting, Funny Things are meant for entertainment..

Bonjour, i have receive feedbacks from some people who thinks that my blog is offensive to them. As i told mentioned it before, all things that were posted in my blog is actually to entertain someone at least myself..i'm not being selfish at the first place...frankly, i did not mean to offence anyone. Please don't take it seriously man...i don't want to start a WW 3 or something and moreover i am make it easy, just assume that if my story that were posted in my blog somehow have connection to is a compliment for being a person with sense of humour...merci beaucoup..

Puko Gamba (Klantanese Accent)

One day, three best friends, Kon, Burr and Porr went to shopping...for the whole moment, Burr and Porr are talking to themselves in their Klantanese accent. Kon started to feel that she is ignored by Burr and Porr. Burr and Porr laughed and laughed and their behavior has made Kon very emotionaly hurt. So, in order to made Burr and Porr talk to her, Kon started to ask something to Porr...

Kon : Porr, pukul nape doh?
Porr : Huh ? (didn;t get it well)
Kon : Pukul NAPE? (stressing her question)

As fast as lightning, Burr answers...

Burr : Puko Gamba! hahahahah!
Kon : Bengon, aku kate Pukul Nape?
Burr & Porr : PUKO GAMBA! hahaha...

The moral of the story...
Hihihi(Sambil Tekup Mulut)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Funniest 5th March ever...

This story began when i was writing for my first blog. At that time, Por (not a real name) just woke up from a very deep sleep. suddenly, when Por open the door of Burr (not a real name)'s room, Por was shocked when Burr's "thing" was stiff. this is the first time that Por see Burr's thing especially when it stiff to the max! Then Por call me n we decided to took pictures of this miracles n quite shameful to some person. What's the best is, the pictures that were taken was using Burr's hp and Burr was in deep sleep also as he didn't realize me taking his hp which is besides his pillow. Could you imagine that Burr became a model that poses with widely opened mouth while his thing is maximumly stiff and i can't stop myself thinking what was in Burr's dream at the time being....hihihi(STM)

Je suis "Blogger"

Bonjour, this is the first time i'm writtng a blog...actually, i'm not interested in writing anything as i would say nonsence stuff before..whatever it is, i hoped that everything that i wrote in this blog will not be taken seriously as it is purposed to entertain some people who really enjoys it. Erm...i really appreciate people who want to give advise and opinion in making my blog as equal as a good blog should be. without more nonsense talking, i now declared that i'm a blogger! hahahaha peace on everyone! :)