Sunday, July 4, 2010

1st day 4 this semester......monday...

As yet i am not asleep for the whole night even i have the whole busy day ahead of me....what the heck...the class did not even started yet but i have so much things to do...but i feel great about it after almost suffering for the whole 2 months.....:P

here's the plan for today(monday)

1. Clean the entire house as when i am away for almost two months, there are creatures that are conquering my only space of privacy....damn those termites and rats.....

2. Sttle all the bills (electric, internet, and most important of them all is the ASTRO BILL.....well, i don't want to be 'outnumbered' at any mamak stalls just for watching world cup's NEtherlands! i bet they can go through the final.....they just sent home the not-so-mighty-so-called Brazil...hahaha....serve them right, those arrogant offence everyone...:P

3. Instead of going to class, i feel like going to shopping for a new pair of FUTSAL's about time i bought a new one....the old one seems to be kinda old since i have it since's about mood switching you know....:P and i also have to find a new cloth cupboard since the one that i have already being "eaten alive!!" (Pene,2010)

4. setting a futsal game in welcoming the just-get-well team mate, cipet....."dah gian nak pekena futsal, ak dah leh main futsal dah gong"(Cipet,2010). Hope that every team member could make it happen even though it seems a little impossible...well, "imposible is nothing"(Adidas) LOL....

well....let's not being down for it......someone from the muvie "HOT TUB TIME MACHINE" told me that "Life would always put you down, it is you who made the decision to stay down or get back up" i think i need to get back up whenever the world put me down....but not always i guess...hahaha

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