Friday, April 30, 2010

The Advantures Of DOREMI: The Curse Of Buluh Runcing

The Adventures of DO RE MI: The Curse of Buluh Runcing

In the year of 2010, there is a magical land far away in a remote area. In Pasir Berdengung Village, there lived the King Richard with his beloved daughter, Princess Fiona. They are the royal descendants of England. One unfortunate day, Count Dracula who just ran away from Van Helsing arrives in Pasir Berdengung Village and met with Raja Bersiung. Both Count Dracula and Raja Bersiung have just waked up in their deep sleep and they are thirst for blood. Count Dracula decided to team up with Raja Bersiung because he did not know the land so well and Pasir Berdengung Village is the hometown of Raja Bersiung. Only Raja Bersiung knows best the places to feed and to hide from the villagers.

Pasir Berdengung Village is also the hometown of DO, RE and MI, three friends who could enjoys a little adventure and have been looking for adventures since they were in early teenagers. One, peaceful day, while walking at the village market, DO, RE and MI heard a bad news. The messenger of the King of Pasir Berdengung Village announced that Princess Fiona have been kidnapped by Count Dracula and Raja Bersiung. They also left a note saying that if the king wanted to get her princess back, he must provided seventy pine of the villagers’ blood. The blood collected then must be tested by the hospital to avoid diseases. If the king cannot obey the rules that Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula stated, they will drink the princess’ blood dried.

The king then offered that if there anyone in the village could save the princess, he will be married to the princess and being the king of Pasir Berdengung Village. Upon hearing the reward, DO, RE and MI stepped forward and offers themselves to rescue the princess. The king granted their braveness and before going, DO, RE and MI went to see their Tok Guru for some help. Tok Guru gave DO a flying carpet that can fly anywhere he wants by only saying “ZAM ZAM ALAKAZAM”. Re received a magical binocular that can see where he wanted, but he has to mention the person’s name. MI also has been given a gift, a magical harmonica that could give him whatever he wants by playing it.

Before going, RE uses his magical binocular to see where Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula have been hiding Princess Fiona. Princess Fiona has been kept as hostage in the Siung Castle, on Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain. On their way to rescue the princess, DO, RE and MI met with a talking creature, Sang Kancil. Sang Kancil is very clever and it is a magical creature. DO, RE and MI then asked Sang Kancil to show them the way to the Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain. On their way to the Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain, they have to cross a big river that is guarded by Sang Buaya, a mystical beast that eats everything that swims in the river.

Sang Kancil tried to trick Sang Buaya by telling the beast that King Sulaiman, the king of all animal wanted Sang Kancil to measure the length of the river. Sang Buaya agreed to help Sang Kancil. By doing this Sang Kancil believe he could distract Sang Buaya so that DO, RE and MI can swim past the river. However, Sang Buaya is more intelligent than Sang Kancil and he figured out that Sang Kancil try to trick him. Sang Buaya eats Sang Kancil and DO, RE and MI cannot swim past the river because they will be eaten alive by Sang Buaya. DO remember he got the flying carpet. They used the flying carpet to fly across the river and finally arrive at the Siung Castle on the Daik Bercabang Tiga Mountain.

Entering the Siung Castle, DO, RE and MI fight with Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula. Trapped in a cage, Princess Fiona tells DO, RE and MI that both weakness of Raja Bersiung and Count Dracula is Buluh Runcing, a sharp magical bamboo that is used effectively in killing vampires and banshee. MI quickly yelled “One Buluh Runcing Please!” then he plays his magical harmonica. Suddenly, a pair of Buluh Runcing appeared on MI’s hand. MI then throws both the Buluh Runcing and killed Count Dracula. Raja Bersiung manage to dodge the Buluh Runcing and when MI trying to summons another pair of Buluh Runcing, Raja Bersiung quickly kneel to DO, RE and MI. He asks for their forgiveness for all his wrongdoing. Raja Bersiung released Princess Fiona and DO, RE and MI captured Raja Bersiung.

Returning to Pasir Berdengung Village with the princess and captured Raja Bersiung, the king held a feast to celebrate DO, RE and MI’s victory. The villagers all celebrated the victory of DO, RE and MI and because of the victory, the next day will be a public holiday. The king then tells the person that will be crown as the new king and marries the princess will be announced the next day. After the celebration ends, all villagers and DO, RE and MI went to sleep because they are so tired. In the next morning, all people are found dead including DO, RE and MI. Their death is cause by loosing lots of blood and they are like being feed by the vampires. It is the princess who drinks all the blood. She just turned into a vampire or banshee that is very thirsty when they first transform into one. It’s all the trick that have been played by Raja Bersiung.

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