Friday, March 6, 2009

Instead of insulting, Funny Things are meant for entertainment..

Bonjour, i have receive feedbacks from some people who thinks that my blog is offensive to them. As i told mentioned it before, all things that were posted in my blog is actually to entertain someone at least myself..i'm not being selfish at the first place...frankly, i did not mean to offence anyone. Please don't take it seriously man...i don't want to start a WW 3 or something and moreover i am make it easy, just assume that if my story that were posted in my blog somehow have connection to is a compliment for being a person with sense of humour...merci beaucoup..


  1. blog is meant for insulting, offending, cursing and even "mendajali" other people, kui3

  2. But, in my mind that is the way of people who did not have much guts or the people who they offends are out of their league...if it is in your league just confront them...btw, funny things are to be shared...sharing is caring maa..hahaha