Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Funniest 5th March ever...

This story began when i was writing for my first blog. At that time, Por (not a real name) just woke up from a very deep sleep. suddenly, when Por open the door of Burr (not a real name)'s room, Por was shocked when Burr's "thing" was stiff. this is the first time that Por see Burr's thing especially when it stiff to the max! Then Por call me n we decided to took pictures of this miracles n quite shameful to some person. What's the best is, the pictures that were taken was using Burr's hp and Burr was in deep sleep also as he didn't realize me taking his hp which is besides his pillow. Could you imagine that Burr became a model that poses with widely opened mouth while his thing is maximumly stiff and i can't stop myself thinking what was in Burr's dream at the time being....hihihi(STM)


  1. who is burr??i really want to meet him...i want to know he using vimax or viagra or something??i'll bet somebody forcing him to eat the vimax pills!!lol!

  2. i'm sorry devil's tongue...the picture is prohibitedly to be shown to public...hihihi(stm)