Friday, March 6, 2009

Puko Gamba (Klantanese Accent)

One day, three best friends, Kon, Burr and Porr went to shopping...for the whole moment, Burr and Porr are talking to themselves in their Klantanese accent. Kon started to feel that she is ignored by Burr and Porr. Burr and Porr laughed and laughed and their behavior has made Kon very emotionaly hurt. So, in order to made Burr and Porr talk to her, Kon started to ask something to Porr...

Kon : Porr, pukul nape doh?
Porr : Huh ? (didn;t get it well)
Kon : Pukul NAPE? (stressing her question)

As fast as lightning, Burr answers...

Burr : Puko Gamba! hahahahah!
Kon : Bengon, aku kate Pukul Nape?
Burr & Porr : PUKO GAMBA! hahaha...

The moral of the story...
Hihihi(Sambil Tekup Mulut)


  1. seems that i heard this story those who do not understand the story, kindly contact me for more details...hahaha...

  2. weh, even though i drop phonetics and phonology, i know that it is not accent but dialect...crazy old maurice!

  3. By the way, even though people do make mistake when using accent instead of dialect, but no one does repeat syntax! hihihi